Ethic and values

Respect for private life


HighWind complies with the highest standards in terms of European General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR) and has a deep respect for the privacy of its users. Our solution only collects vital information when an emergency call is made, allowing key information to be relayed to call center rescuers. All data collected is immediately processed and then deleted within 24 hours.

In the event of a natural disaster, the position of emergency calls issued is likely to be retained for up to a week, to support the efforts of search and rescue teams, which may take several days to reach survivors.

HighWind is willing to submit to any public organization audit, to ensure that data collection only takes place in support of an emergency response and is aimed at improving the chances of survival and recovery of the patients.

Contribute to Diversity

Our technology is developed for the purpose of saving lives. We help those who are experiencing fear or pain, without any distinction of gender, age, sex, skin color, language or citizenship.

Nevertheless, HighWind is aware that Artificial Intelligence is only as effective as its training database and can easily become biased against a group.

Because our blood and internal organs are the same for all, our AI-Diagnostics have so far proven to be unbiased, but we are closely monitoring that no group should ever be excluded of this life-saving technology.

Therefore, should you wish to contribute to the Diversity & Inclusion of our solution, please feel free to submit the pictures of your emergency traumas or situations or emotions, precising all the information you believe defines your uniqueness. We will gladly encompass them in our AI training.